Church Prophetis Elias (2008)

The proposed interventions have two goals. Firstly the restoration of the damages to the shell of the church along with the upgrade of its interior space and secondly the restructuring of outdoor space aiming the aesthetic enhancement of the church. The passageways and the resting areas which are proposed are aiming to the best perception of space. The green is growing by planting plants and colorful flowers in areas near the church. The appropriate illumination in each region contributes in defining the quality of each space.

Church of Koimisi Theotokou (2009)

The redesign of the outdoor space has as a center the church aiming its aesthetic enhancement as well as creating an attractive resting area in the village. The small phiale that is put in the center of the south entrance passageway meet the needs that were set by the parish council. Due to the location of the church in the village the outdoor space can easily be considered a natural extension of the urban space since the plot boundaries that have been redesigned. The green grows and along with the fountain and the use of natural materials the space becomes pleasant and warm. The impression is reinforced with the maintenance of the large trees that exists today while more plants and colorful flowers are added.

Church of Aghioi Apostoloi Petros and Pavlos (2009)

The landscape that surrounds the church is rural area with absence of other nearby buildings. The landscape is composed by tall trees, beech and chestnut trees, and large cultivated areas where the color and the texture of the earth dominates. The landscaping sets as primary element of the design the church. With the new design of the outdoor space, the quality of the landscape as summarized with the soil and the different kinds of vegetation as recorded and maintained over time, will remain unchanged in order not to disturb the relationship with the church. The simple form of the church with the absence of excessive morphological features and the use of local materials in construction, stones and wood, provides safe guide to the selection of forms and materials for the proposed interventions. The space is organized around a passageway which starts from the northwest entrance and ends at the northeast entrance which is located at a lower level where it will be the new cemetery. From this basic route begin and end all secondary movements within the site, while near the boundaries of the plot are situated the rest areas. The routes are designed in reference with the church and the field and the same time they serve as a limit between paved and gravel surfaces.

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