Luxury villas - Corfu (2016)

Object of the study was the rehabilitation of existing houses to luxurious villas. The sharp slope of the plot and the restriction in the strict limits of the shell, were the main factors that shaped the final proposal which is characterized by a high level of comfort in movement and unrestricted view to the Southeast.

Exonarthex - Bell Tower - Parish Center (2011)

The construction of exonarthex with open portico meets the increased demand for space for the congregation of the church of Aghioi Konstantinos & Helene. The exonarthex follows the west view of the church and extends slightly beyond the south and north wall of the church. Thereby, all the morphological elements of the church that formed with stucco are been preserved. The bell tower is located northwest of the church. The tower is a cross shaped building. Each wing of the cross has a narrow opening on the ground level while on the upper part in an arched shaped opening is hanging the bell. The bell tower has a hipped timber roof which rotates 45° in relation to the tower and is coated with copper foil. Its position, northwest of the church, was selected in order to become a landmark for the village alongside to mark the position of the church in the nearby area. The parish center is located in the southeastern area of the plot, in order not to emerged along with the church from the main road of the village. It’s a ground floor building with basement. The main section is covered with an inclined slab while the rest of the edifice has a horizontal one. The main hall opens in the south with large windows, allowing the extension of the indoor outdoors during the summer months. The outdoor is designed having as center the church and aims to enhance and upgrade the aesthetic of the space while creating a pleasant place of rest in the village. The appropriate illumination in each region contributes in defining the special quality of the space.

Parish Centre - Parish priest's residence (2011)

Τhe parish center locates on the southwest corner of the plot, slightly retreating from the boundary. The parish center is suitable for hosting social events. The main hall opens in the south with large windows, allowing the extension of the indoor outdoors during the summer months. The openings are protected from the sun during the summer months with the horizontal projection of the concrete slab. To the north are placed the restrooms and a small kitchen. The main access to the building is from the west through the courtyard of the church. The residence for the priest is placed in a small designated area with a low height wall, on the northwest corner of the plot. The outdoor is designed having as center the church and aims to enhance and upgrade the aesthetic of the space while creating a pleasant place of rest in the village. A passageway is formed west of the church, connecting the north with the south road of the village alongside with the creation of a boundary between the church and the two edifices. The boundary is enhanced with a row of tall evergreen trees. South of the church, a second passageway allows the entrance from the east. The appropriate illumination in each region contributes in defining the special quality of the space.

Exonarthex (2011)

Purpose of this study is the design of an exonarthex which will cover the needs of the church. The limited space between the church and the staircase is setting stringent boundaries to the design of the project. The exonarthex must leave enough space in order to allow safe passage of pedestrians. According to the project the proposed exonarthex will incorporate open porticos. The pillars and columns of the porticos connects with arches of which the three central ones of the west side are higher than the others marking the entrance of the church. The facade of the exonarthex follows the west facade of the church with a pitched roof covered with French tiles while the structure is been hidden behind a cornice.

Bell Tower of Aghios Georghios (2010)

A well-known image, both to residents as well as for visitors of Goumenissa and the nearby area, is the church of Aghios Georghios in the center of the town. The bell tower was incorporated to the church and it was an important landmark for Goumenissa. Furthermore, its original form reflects the principles governing the design of post-Byzantine period for the bell towers. For all the above reasons, the architects chose the new bell tower to displays the main characteristics of the old one. The new location of the tower southwest of the church doesn’t affect its importance for the city's image. The building has a strict appearance with minimum decoratives elements. The surfaces of the walls are enriched from sparsely stone elements and the formation of arched openings with red solid bricks. Three cornices formed with rectangular ashlar stones are dividing the facades into four sections.

Bell Tower of Aghios Georghios Europos (2009)

The church is situated in the southeastern region of Europos, opposite to the town square. A place that could easily be described as the social center of the city, like those formed in medieval villages since here are gathered the administration - the town hall, the trade and the church of Aghios Georghios. The church dominates the area with its imposing height and volume. Although the church occupies a whole city block and it is placed on the northeastern corner of plot, the remaining space is minimal and fragmented. The bell tower is placed in the southwest corner of the church and it's surrounded with plants in the northern and trees in the southeast. The edges of the tower protrude as buttresses, giving plasticity and stability to the tower. The base is a building with a pitched wooden roof through which the tower is emerging. The building is organized in five floors and a basement and has a hipped timber roof which rests on two reinforced concrete beams. The entire wooden structure of the roof is covered with copper foils. The facades are enriched with the alternation of materials. The openings on the second floor, symmetrically on four sides, two arched openings which are followed by a second arc and include a clock.

Residential complex in Athens (2006)

Inhabitation in the center of the modern urban environment imposes the definition of interior and exterior space and the redefinition of areas such as: a. open air b. portico-loggia, passable from exterior space and c. "atrium", either in the form of a central courtyard or as a covered space in individual houses. These spaces function as a barrier and bridge between the urban space and the residential building and at the same time defines the plasticity of the complex. The complex is organized around a central courtyard. Frames of reinforced concrete mark the entrance. The central courtyard is surrounded by a four floor U-shaped residential building and a three floor building which follows the old tracing as indicated from the existing old buildings. The building disposes three stairways. The U-shaped building consists of two storey apartments developed on the two u floors while the ground floors are elevated from the street level due to the development of the underground. The terraces of all apartments are being developed on the rooftops of the lower level apartments and sometimes they developed in recess. In collaboration with the architect G. Sivrides.

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